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Publishers: Workman Publishing
Author: Collins, Clifton, Jr.
Format: Paperback



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Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars
Contributor(s): Collins, Clifton, Jr. (Author), Alvarez, Gustavo (Author), Jackson, Samuel L (Foreword by)
ISBN: 0761185526   EAN: 9780761185529
Publisher: Workman Publishing    
US SRP:$ 12.95 US
Binding: Paperback: 176 pages
Pub Date: November 03, 2015

Annotation: A unique and edgy cookbook, Prison Ramen takes readers behind bars with more than 65 ramen recipes and stories of prison life from the inmate/cooks who devised them, including celebrities like Slash from Guns n’ Roses and the actor Shia LaBeouf.

Instant ramen is a ubiquitous food, beloved by anyone looking for a cheap, tasty bite—including prisoners, who buy it at the commissary and use it as the building block for all sorts of meals.

Think of this as a unique cookbook of ramen hacks.

Here’s Ramen Goulash.

Black Bean Ramen. Onion Tortilla Ramen Soup. The Jailhouse Hole Burrito. Orange Porkies chili ramen plus white rice plus ½ bag of pork skins plus orange-flavored punch. Ramen Nuggets. Slash’s J-Walking Ramen (with scallions, Sriracha hot sauce, and minced pork).

Coauthors Gustavo “Goose” Alvarez and Clifton Collins Jr. are childhood friends one an ex-con, now free and living in Mexico, and the other a highly successful Hollywood character actor who’s enlisted friends and celebrities to contribute their recipes and stories.

Forget flowery writing about precious, organic ingredients these stories are a first-person, firsthand look inside prison life, a scared-straight reality to complement the offbeat recipes.

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